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Since getting my financial life in order I just don’t think about it much, which was the whole point, I suppose! It also means I’m blogging less here these days, but I’m overdue with some updates.

First, some good news. We’ve made huge progress on paying down the mortgage, which is our only debt. Dear Husband was able to sell some company stock, which helped with a huge chunk of that. I want to be honest about that because most people don’t get that kind of help paying off their mortgages, and it was nothing but luck. We’ve also been making extra payments. We’ve paid off more than half the mortgage since we got it in January 2013 and we’ll work hard on the rest. Even when interest rates are low, interest is still money to the bank. I am so relieved we were able to buy when we did. Real estate prices in the Bay Area went insane shortly after we did, and the mortgage for our single-family home is quite a bit less than the rent on a one-bedroom apartment right now. Whew! We could not afford to buy our house, or any house, in the city today. Skin of our teeth on that one.

The Afni Collections Fraud that began in May is, I hope, nearly resolved. After my initial letter, Afni sent some of the materials I requested, but they were lacking. I received only the last page of a Sprint bill that did not have my name or the pages with itemized charges. The charge was for closing the account early, but the account was otherwise paid. This indicated that someone had been paying the bill, otherwise the amount due would be much higher. Why Sprint can’t collect from whomever was paying the bill the whole time is a mystery to me. They obviously have a name and past payment information that they could use. Neither Sprint nor Afni has provided any indication that I, and no one else, opened the account.

Afni also sent the first (address) page of the bill, which contained my name but the address of a former employer. Interesting! My name was wrong: at the time I was married but had not yet let legally changed my name, but the bill contained my married name. They seem to have retroactively applied my name change to a bill. I quit working for this employer in early 2013. The writing was on the wall and they shut down as of August 13. Perhaps my former-and-now-shuttered employer left some unpaid bills that agencies are now trying to collect on? I explained this to Afni and they sent an identity theft (which should really be “identity fraud”) affidavit which I signed and sent back. We’ll see!


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